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Creative Drought

Date March 18, 2021
It’s been a weird year, we’re still cautiously locked-in, but personally, I reached the point where I’m going more than a little stir-crazy – it’s not as if I have a specific destination in mind; I just miss going out without having to stress about people coughing or if my mask is askew. One of…
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Tool Fetishes

Date October 19, 2020
It really doesn’t matter if you’re a chef, a programmer, a makeup artists, a file clerk, or an illustrator; the potential to geek out over tools is a thing. Post a photo on Instagram that includes a unique pencil or the corner of a mechanical keyboard, and you’ll get questions; ‘Tell me about that pencil,…
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Bobble-Headed Buick

Date January 15, 2015
While en-route to a speak­ing engage­ment this morn­ing I noticed a dark blue Buick on the road in front of me, this in itself is hard­ly unusu­al, but the myr­i­ad of boun­cy-head­ed bob­bling fig­ures in the back win­dow was a bid unnerv­ing, all giv­ing me an unap­pre­ci­at­ed affir­ma­tion to a ques­tion as of yet unasked,…
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Eye don’t know

Date February 14, 2014
So yes­ter­day ‘T’ and myself went and had our eyes checked and pur­chased new glass­es, I elect­ed to get a pair of black wire­frame, and a pair of geek chic black plas­tic, some­one should real­ly let calvin klein know that the dot com boom is over, because 250 bucks for two hinges and some mold­ed…
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Talking with Maxx about Ants

Date September 26, 2013
A con­ver­sa­tion about ants with my cat Maxx: Maxx: Hey, hate to tell you this, we have ants, I know you hate them, but regard­less, we got them. Saul: NO!, I HATE ants, I haven’t seen any ants, how do you know we have them? Maxx: I’m a cat, I’m plugged into the uni­verse at…
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Hot Cup of God

Date November 23, 2012
I want to start this entry by apol­o­giz­ing, in advance, if you’re of strong reli­gious back­ground, maybe some nice porn will offend you less, thanks for com­ing though Hal­loween approach­es, a time for pow­er­puff girls, and snick­ers bars, at least I thought so, seems a church not 3 min­utes from my house has oth­er plans,…
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