Hi I’m Saul

Late-night doodler and fancy coffee enthusiast, Saul Rosenbaum captures life’s whimsical and absurd moments in his bold and frenetic style.

Saul Rosenbaum spends his days cranking out quirky artwork that finds its way onto walls, magazines, books, and the web.

Born and raised in Bucks County, PA, after attending art school in Center City Philadelphia, Saul, his significant other, and a plethora of cats moved back to Bucks County. When Saul isn’t drawing in coffee shops, he’s running his Bensalem-based web design business Visual Chutzpah.

…From a veteran web designer, to one of the most prolific artists I personally know. Saul went from a quiet creative, to someone who celebrates each piece of work, even if the celebration is the small simple act of smiling and finishing a cup of coffee.

Alex Hillman

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