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Eye don’t know

So yes­ter­day ‘T’ and myself went and had our eyes checked and pur­chased new glass­es,

I elect­ed to get a pair of black wire­frame, and a pair of geek chic black plas­tic, some­one should real­ly let calvin klein know that the dot com boom is over, because 250 bucks for two hinges and some mold­ed plas­tic is insane, or per­haps it’s me that’s insane for pay­ing it.. but I have large eyes and a apple shaped head and most frames look stu­pid on me, the frames plus my 300+ dol­lar lens­es, the hub­ble tele­scope has weak­er lens­es, put me over 900 bucks for two pairs of glass­es. I can’t help but won­der what I would do if I couldn’t afford that [Not that i can, mind you, but real­ly if I couldn’t afford even the lens­es, what do peo­ple do? Does pub­lic assis­tance pay for opti­cal care? and to what point?

dream sequence com­ing:

“Mis­ter Rosen­baum, with your opti­cal cov­er­age we can only adjust your vision to 20/75 and only in one eye, So you can for­get about that fan­cy-pants graph­ics career”

dream sequence con­clud­ed …

The absolute worst part of buy­ing glass­es is that of course while your try­ing on the frames you can’t see your­self in the mir­ror, at least I can’t being near­sight­ed

So your forced to trust your shop­ping com­pan­ion, or you’re at the mer­cy of the glass­es peo­ple, and if that’s the case I can only assume you’ll ALWAYS look bet­ter in the 250 dol­lar frames… sigh, I hate spend­ing mon­ey, I’m just so darn good at it.

‘T’ bought a real­ly hot pair of librar­i­anesqe ‘cat’ glass­es, she usu­al­ly only wears her glass­es at night after her con­tacts come out, but she looked so very delec­table in these frames I wouldn’t mind if she wore them full-time.