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Creative Drought

It’s been a weird year, we’re still cautiously locked-in, but personally, I reached the point where I’m going more than a little stir-crazy – it’s not as if I have a specific destination in mind; I just miss going out without having to stress about people coughing or if my mask is askew. One of the more surprising aspects of the quarantine for me is the effect it’s had on my creative production; I’ve started a ton of ideas, I’ve finished NOTHING… seriously NOTHING unless you count watching Netflix while eating fistfuls of grapes; I’ve been successful at that.

I’m cutting myself a break for the past year. Still, complacency very quickly becomes a habit. My creative drought needs to end now – I’m asking anyone who reads this to hold me accountable – harass me on Twitter, prod me on Instagram, scream at me on Reddit, I promise I’ll perform, or at least I’ll try.