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Bobble-Headed Buick

While en-route to a speak­ing engage­ment this morn­ing I noticed a dark blue Buick on the road in front of me, this in itself is hard­ly unusu­al, but the myr­i­ad of boun­cy-head­ed bob­bling fig­ures in the back win­dow was a bid unnerv­ing, all giv­ing me an unap­pre­ci­at­ed affir­ma­tion to a ques­tion as of yet unasked, so I fol­lowed this car o’bobbles for a few miles, notic­ing that they bounced in a near per­fect sine wave, won­der­ing why and how and why again, I even­tu­al­ly snapped, WHY DOES THIS JACKASS HAVE SO MANY OF THESE ANNOYING LITTLE TOYS IN HIS BACK WINDOW!!! … [ brace yourself for a long run-on sen­tence with no cap­i­tal let­ters ]

I mean are they a juju against mojo?, are they an anten­na array on a celes­tial glob­al posi­tion­ing sys­tem designed to bring a race of bob­ble-aliens down to earth to feed on the non-bob­ble lov­ing pub­lic? or maybe they pro­vide this Buick some type of bob­ble head­ed sta­bi­liza­tion against break­ing free of moth­er earth’s pre­cious grav­i­ty and careen­ing into the moon..

Even­tu­al­ly I pulled around the Buick and cast a ven­omous glaze at the dri­ver, he looked at me, smiled and nod­ded me a human sized affir­ma­tion, but not in a human ‘I got a neck bone’ way, but in a ‘I got a spring’ bob­ble­head way.. then I knew.

The inva­sion had begun, and they can dri­ve…