Cartoon mashups

This is an ongoing exploration of visually connecting classic cartoon mashups based on a (in some cases a teniously thin) conceptual connection, in each case I’ve tried to maintain some stylistic traits of the original characters while introducing my own point of view.

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A Sauldraws Original

Mounted Mountie

Full disclosure I never actually liked Dudley Do-Right, I very much identified with the villain of this particular cartoon, but I do understand Dudley’s appeal; he’s cartoon handsome, wears a uniform, and that chin! Of course, those same statements are true about his horse ‘Horse.’

Angelica Meets Maggie

Angelica Charlotte Pickles the bratty antagonist in the Rugrats universe who never had a thought she didn’t say out loud and Maggie Simpson the silent but all-knowing gun-wielding infant in America’s favorite nuclear family. Honestly it’s hard to tell where one sister starts and the other ends.

Capn’ Crunch

I suppose technically Cap’n Crunch isn’t so much a cartoon as he is a Mascot for ‘Big Cereal’, so in that regard strictly speaking he might not belong in ‘Cartoon Mashups’, because this he isn’t really much of a mashup, But he’s here, and out of respect for his naval career, we’ll accept it.

Dee Dee Mouse

Cartoondom has a long history of bratty or domineering sisters, perhaps none more domineering than Dexter’s big sister DeeDee, so that got me thinking, if DeeDee was at the top of the annoying sibling scale, who’s at the bottom? Truthfully I’m not even sure Minny was Mickey’s sister..

Dexter Ranting

This one isn’t really a mashup, but Dexter is super cool and I wanted to capture both sides of him, in kind of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of composition

Linus Potter

Linus Van Pelt is deeply philosophical for a kid who carries a blanket, he’s also a devout believer surrounded by non-believers, if he was a wizard no one would believe him. I’m not saying he’s a wizard, I’m also not saying he isn’t a wizard.

Lucy Simpson

Lucy Van Pelt is loud, brash and more than a little cruel, in that regard I think she’d fit into the Simpson’s Universe perfectly – to prove that point here’s Lucy draw in a style that’s as much Matt Groening as it is Charles Schulz.

Morocco Mole meets Top Cat

Morocco Mole was nerdy long before that was cool, and T.C. (Top Cat) was cool decades before the Fonz, this mashup answers the question what would Morocco Mole look like if he was as cool as T.C.

Mystery Inc.

The Scooby gang did everything together, I mean did they live out of that van? Point being they’re super tight, so I figured… Why not make them a single character, I’ve been told this is a disturbing mashup, what do you think?

Oswald Mouse

Long before Mickey Mouse was everyone’s favorite rodent he was Oswald Rabbit – The legend goes that Disney created Mickey to replace Oswald – but to my eyes they really just redrew him less rabbity. Anyhow I had to give Oswald his comeuppance and redraw modern Mickey as him.

Life in Springfield

Matt Groening’s drawing style is really distinct, I love the subtle changes that happened from his early days drawing ‘Life in Hell’ to what the Simpsons looks like now, so drawing Barney Gumble as a ‘Life in Hell’ character was a no-brainer.

Sherman P. Body

I always thought Mr. Peabody & Sherman was a little trippy, a boy and the world’s most accomplished talking dog travel through history courtesy of the magical ‘Wabac’ machine. So lets assume the whole show is a trippy fever dream and Sherman and Mr. Peabody are the same person.

Samantha Poo

I love this one, I’ve always loved the animated beginning of ‘Bewitched’, But I wondered – would it be so charming with a different witch in Samantha’s place?