Olde City with Friends

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So I’m sitting in one of my favorite bars in Olde City Philly, a plate of wings in front of me, ice-cold adult-beverage in my hand, and I catch a glimpse of something to my left, to be more specific, it was a corner of something, a hat. Under that hat, Benjamin Franklin, seriously, Ben freekin Franklin, this might seem unlikely in any other city. But sitting two-blocks from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, seeing Ben Franklin isn’t unexpected. I didn’t make a fuss; we had a beer together, split another plate of wings, bitched about the Eagles, then went our separate ways, me back to work, Ben back to 1774. This philly tshirt commemorates not just my beer with Ben, but all those great lunches we have with all friends, olde or new. Cheers friend!

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