The Clothes on your Back

Last year I made a number of shirts for resale, the 'Olde City'' shirt sold fairly well. It's a lot of fun to see total strangers wearing it around the city.

I've included the blurbs I wrote for each, that's really half the fun.

Olde City with Friends I love Olde City, not just for the obvious history, but for the history not yet written - Home of my favorite watering holes, my third favorite giant bell, a pretty good art supply store, a co-working space that's probably in my top 10 and where else can I have the occasional beer & wings with Ben Franklin, no not THAT ben Franklin, but A Ben Franklin - drinks with him are electric.

He's Got The Angry Eye: Some days you just don't have words - those days a stare will have to suffice, I have those days regularly, why not let your shirt dish the attitude and give your face a rest. I know what you're thinking, Sauldraws, Why the bandaid? well, because even when you're styling, things happen. Wear this shirt with pride, but be careful out there.

Twisted and Salty: Show your pretzel love with this fashionable testament to all things twisted and salty.